November Highlights

Delhi Darlings

Daily | 1pm WAT | 2pm CAT | 3pm EAT
Being rich is really, really hard work! Zee ONE brings you the first ever reality show from the shores of India. Delhi Darlings gives viewers a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the lives of ten super rich socialites from Delhi. Each darling has her own sense of style and level of spice and you can be a part of all the bling and bickering. Puja Dua is obsessed with gold and white and spares no cent in redecorating her whole house to match those colours. Shalu Jindal never wears the same outfit twice and you can often hear her descending down her glass stairs in her designer heels. Deepshikha Lungani is a lingerie model, mother and rebel of the group who wants to try her hand at acting. Pragati Nagpal takes pride in being the best party organizer in the city. Her kitty parties bring in the most cash and the most fun. Reena Mittal, a businesswoman is happy to share her mantra for success and good health – a ‘lavish breakfast’. Meet these fabulous ladies alongside their fellow frenemies on Delhi Darlings.

Snack Attack

Daily | 4:30pm WAT | 5:30pm CAT | 6:30pm EAT
Snack Attack
Chef Ranveer Brar brings you interesting and innovative snack recipes that can easily be made in the comfort of your own home. His traditional and delicious recipes are sure to tantalize both your sweet and sour cravings. Indian ingredients can be complex, but thanks to Snack Attack you can now enjoy recipes made from seasonal ingredients you can find at your local store. Chef Ranveer’s recipes aren't just on the healthy side but are sure to tickle your taste buds too. Tune in Daily to catch Chef Ranveer’s quick and easy recipes.


Daily | 5pm WAT | 6pm CAT | 7pm EAT
Guddan a beautiful and kind young woman marries a billionaire chef, Akshat and with him inherits three daughters in law. They are all older and more experienced than her, but try their best, or so it seems, to help Guddan through marriage. Akshat is a no-nonsense family orientated widow who is trying to figure out if Guddan married him for love or money? Each of their families have their own agenda but what started off as an arrangement could turn out to be the greatest and toughest love story that both Guddan and Akshat ever imagined. Can the hard-headed Akshat ever fall for the clumsy but sincere Guddan? Will he be able to get over his first wife, his first true love? Will Guddan stick around to save her marriage or will her daughters-in-law succeed in getting rid of her?

Reach for the Stars

Daily | 6pm WAT | 7pm CAT | 8pm EAT
Reach for the Stars is a story that beautifully captures the hopes and aspirations of a domestic worker named Kamla, alongside the trials and tribulations of her daily life. Kamla works tirelessly for Neetu to provide for her family and even sacrifices time with her own daughter in order give her the opportunities she never had. Will all Kamla’s sacrifices pay off? Will her daughter become the successful young woman Kamla hopes for or will she be forced to do the same work her mother does, and be disrespected in her community?

The Heir

Daily | 7pm WAT | 8pm CAT | 9pm EAT
The Heir is a story of inheritance and the pressure faced by a mother to create a male heir. The story begins with a family dispute between two brothers, Charan and Jagan, who own most of the farmland in Gaguwal. Their mother declares that the business will be handed over to Jagan if Charan doesn't have a son. Soon after this announcement, tragedy hits the family and Amba gives birth to a baby girl. However, to maintain the ownership of the land and secure Charan’s dignity it is announced that the baby is a boy. How long will this big secret, the true identity of Manu, be kept from the rest of the family?

Lies of the Heart

Daily | 8pm WAT | 9pm CAT | 10pm EAT
Lies of the Heart tells the story of Urmi, a free-spirited young lady, who fulfils her parents’ wish by agreeing to marry a man of their choice, a businessman named Samrat. The lead up to her wedding is an exciting time and Urmi fills her heart with dreams of a happy married life. Unfortunately, all her dreams are crushed, as Urmi deals with an uncaring, cold, and brutal Samrat. It does not help that no one in his family dares to oppose him. Feeling alone and isolated by Samrat’s ruthlessness, Urmi strives to rise above the constant setbacks and heartbreak and calls off the wedding countless times. Samrat fails to attend any of the ceremonies leading up to the wedding and refuses to marry Urmi. Will either of them make it to the wedding?

Our Perfect Place

Daily | 9pm WAT | 10pm CAT | 11pm EAT
Our Perfect Place revolves around the Mehta family and the struggle to keep their family bonds strong. The head of the family Govardhan Mehta and his wife Ila Mehta try their best to maintain the simple traditional culture centred around respect and loyalty. Their children however, each have a different outlook and prefer to raise their own children with a more modern and materialistic approach to life. Each of the Mehta siblings hold a grudge against their father which causes even more tension and conflict. Watch Our Perfect Place this month to see how tragedy, jealousy and controversy plagues this family. Will they overcome their differences, or will the Metha family be broken forever?